Packing and transporting the small things during a house move is easy. It’s the big things that break your back, like a bulky fridge freezer. A fridge freezer is an upright unit that has a refrigerator and a fridge section. 

Presumably, it’s just a big chunk of metal that makes ice. However, when you start moving it, things get a bit more complicated. A small notch on the compressor or cut on the refrigerant-carrying pipe makes your wallet squirm in pain.

To make your life easier, we’ll tell you how to move your fridge freezer without damaging it. We’ll also cover the transportation methods of similar electrical appliances. Let’s start with the first step, preparations. 

How Do You Prepare A Fridge Freezer For Transportation?

Preparing a fridge freezer for transportation requires some cleaning materials, extra boxes for storage, some duct tape or rope, and a bit of time. Here’s how you prepare a fridge freezer for transportation:Emptying the Contents

You have to empty the fridge before transportation. We’ve covered this in detail in our moving home checklist. Nevertheless, unnecessary food can break, spill, or spoil during the transportation process.

You’ll end up with a smelly and probably malfunctioning fridge freezer if you don’t empty the contents. Here’s what you can do with the contents:

  • Store canned food or equivalents in packing boxes lined with bubble wrap. 
  • Cook, eat, share, or ask a neighbor or friend to store perishable food.
  • Store medicine that requires cool conditions in gel ice packs or with a friend. 

Unplugging and Defrosting

Before you can pack and clean it, you must unplug and defrost the freezer. Disconnect the fridge freezer from the electricity, and open both its upper and lower doors. The upper portion will usually have frost and ice. Here’s how you can defrost it:

  • Leave a sponge or soft cloth in the freezer portion to soak up the water as it defrosts.
  • Wait for about 30 to 60 minutes.
  • Once the ice has softened, use the plastic scraper to get rid of excess ice.
  • Throw the extra ice into a pale or bucket.
  • Use a sponge or soft cloth to dry out the freezer.

Please do not use metal forks, knives, or other sharp objects to remove the ice. These may damage your fridge or freezer and cause other problems. The next step is cleaning.

Cleaning Inside and Out

Use lukewarm water, fairy liquid, and a soft cloth to clean the inside of your fridge freezer. Clean every nook and cranny outside and inside of the fridge to get rid of stains and smells of food. Once done, add an odor absorber to the upper and lower portions of the fridge freezer. 

Use a damp cloth and lightly rub off any stains from the outside of your fridge. Use a duster or cloth to remove any cobwebs or dust from the back of the fridge freezer. If the fridge freezer has removable shelves, take them out and clean them individually. 

Closing and Securing Doors

Use light, low-tack tape or bungee cords to close your doors and make the fridge easier to move. Unsecured doors can open, bump, and break during the transportation process. Tie the bungee cord or tape around the door and the fridge firmly, but not too tightly. 

While you’re at it, secure the power coil as well. You wouldn’t want a torn power coil or any other unsightly problem. 

How Do You Transport a Fridge Freezer Safely?

There are multiple ways to transport a fridge freezer safely. The most convenient and safe way to transport a fridge is by hiring a professional company. The second best way is to get help from some friends and do it yourself. 

How Do You Transport a Fridge Freezer SafelyUse A Moving & Storage Company

Hiring a professional moving company means you won’t have to lift a finger while they transport your precious items. It also means that you won’t have to worry about damaging your fridge freezer while moving houses. At STORED, you can even get 500-pound liability coverage. 

The best part about STORED is the freedom. You can book a time slot whenever you want, and our expert movers will be there to help you. We’ll bring the van, packing material, hands, and everything else; you only need to call us or book an appointment online.  We specialize in storage in the whole UK and offer the best storage in London.

Get Help From a Friend

The second best option is to get help from friends or family. Ask at least one other person to help transport your refrigerator or other belongings. After cleaning and securing it, you can move the fridge quite easily with the help of another person. 

If you’re taking the fridge down a flight of stairs, be careful. Take one step at a time while keeping your balance to avoid getting hurt.

Use a Moving Dolly

To make things even easier, use a moving dolly. It’s a platform with wheels to carry large objects. Using a moving dolly means your fridge is safe from bumps and notches.

It also means that you can keep the fridge or freezer in an upright position while transporting it to your truck or van. If a moving dolly is not available, you can also use a sack truck to transport the refrigerator. 

Always Keep it Upright

Always keep your fridge freezer upright during transportation. The reason for this is the refrigerant that flows through the tubes in the back and the compressor. When you place a fridge on its back, the refrigerant might leak into the compartments or the electrical components and cause damage. 

What to Do If Upright Transportation Isn’t Possible?

If, for some reason, you cannot keep the fridge upright, then lay the fridge on its side. Align the refrigerator door in such a way that it opens towards the sky or ceiling. This will reduce the strain on the door and minimize damage.

If you lay a fridge or freezer on its side for 2 hours, then keep it upright at least 2 hours after moving before plugging it in. The same applies to new fridges, and under no circumstances should you place a fridge on its back. 

Moving Slow and Gentle

Being careful and slow is of the utmost essence when moving electrical appliances like refrigerators. A bump here and a scrape there can damage your item quite extensively. The refrigerant-carrying tubes and wires are also very vulnerable.

You have to be very careful with the freezer when moving it. If possible, wrap some bubble wrap around the middle parts to save it from damage. Use a dolly or sack truck, and remove any extra articles to avoid damage.

Loading and Unloading from a Transport Vehicle

It’s equally important to be careful when loading and unloading the fridge from a transport vehicle. If you’re keeping the fridge or freezer upright, secure it via ropes to prevent it from falling. If you want to lay your fridge on its side, then place a soft material underneath it to prevent scratch damage.

While unloading it, be cautious of the edges. Keep the fridge elevated to prevent it from rubbing against the edge of the van floor. 

Do You Need Protection During Transportation?

Yes, you will need protection during transportation, like:

  • Cardboard boxes to keep it safe from scratches and grazes while it’s laid on its side.
  • Bubble wrap around the middle portion to keep it safe from scratches against the wall.
  • Ropes to secure the fridge to the sack truck or sides if it’s being transported upright.

These are small tips that might cost a few extra pounds. However, it’s worth it when you consider the potential damages and risks. 

Special Considerations and Tips

Here are some special tips and considerations that should answer most of your questions about moving a refrigerator:

Moving a Fridge Freezer Between Rooms

To move a fridge freezer between rooms, use a sack truck. You don’t have to clean or defrost it; just remove the shelves and food. Secure the fridge to the sack truck and move it to the designated room.

If you’re moving it from upstairs to downstairs or vice versa, one person should stay at the head of the sack truck and another should stay at the feet. Always keep the sack truck parallel to the stairs at an angle of 45. 

Handling Second-hand Fridge Freezers

You can handle second-hand fridge freezers in the same way as new refrigerators. Be careful when moving your refrigerator and defrost the freezer if necessary (moving over large distances). Clean the inside of the fridge thoroughly, and keep it as upright as possible.

On a side note, some refrigerators might have side-by-side freezer compartments. In this case, if you’re laying the fridge freezer on its side, keep the smaller door towards the ground. Also, tie both of the doors with a bungee cord or equivalent.

Proper Duration to Wait After Moving Before Use

If a fridge is laid on its side, the oil in the compressor can sneak into the cooling pipes. This makes it inefficient and can even damage it permanently. After moving a refrigerator, let it stand with its doors shut and unplugged. Wait for at least 3 hours before plugging it back in.

If the refrigerator was laid on its side for 4 hours, then wait 4 hours before plugging it in. If the fridge was on its side for 24 hours, then keep it upright at least for 24 hours, and so on. 

Determining the Right Time to Turn Off Before Moving

Ideally, you should turn off the fridge freezer around 24 hours before the move. It gives the fridge freezer enough time to defrost. During 24 hours, the evaporator can also defrost more adequately, which minimizes damage to the fridge freezer when you try to move it. 

Transportation Tips For Different Fridge Freezer Brands

Different freezer brands have varying builds, exteriors, structures, and durability. Understanding the right method before moving your unit is crucial to avoiding damage. Here are some extra tips for moving specific fridge freezers:

Transportation Tips For Different Fridge Freezer Brands - Bosch - Zanussi - Samsung - HotpointHow To Move A Zanussi Fridge Freezer

The freezer compartments in a Zanussi fridge are located in the bottom portion, which makes them much easier to move. Here’s how you need to move a Zanussi fridge:

  • Unplug your Zanussi fridge 24 hours before the move.
  • Defrost and clean your refrigerator.
  • Most Zanussi freezers have frost-free technology and are easier to clean.
  • Carefully move the fridge freezer using a sack truck because Zanussi fridges are very fragile.
  • Load it onto the truck or any other vehicle.
  • Secure the fridge and unload it carefully when you reach your destination.
  • Use the sack truck to move the refrigerator to its place. 

How To Move A Bosch Fridge Freezer

Bosch usually makes large double-door fridge freezers. Here’s how you can move one easily:

  • Unplug your Bosch fridge at least 24 hours before the move.
  • Defrost and clean your refrigerator.
  • Some Bosch freezers are easier to clean because of their frost-free technology.
  • Be very careful when cleaning the back area.
  • Bosch’s units are quite heavy, so move them with the help of a sack truck.
  • Load them carefully into a moving truck. 
  • If your Bosch freezer is on its side, then keep the smaller door towards the floor.
  • Unload the freezer safely using a sack truck or manually.

How To Move a Hotpoint Fridge Freezer

Hotpoint fridge freezers are quite tall and thin, which makes them very fragile. Here’s how you can a Hotpoint fridge freezer:

  • Unplug your Hotpoint fridge at least 24 hours before the move.
  • Defrost and clean your refrigerator.
  • These refrigerators are quite tall, so please carry them carefully.
  • Load them carefully into a moving truck using a moving dolly. 
  • Secure the fridge freezer after laying it on its side.
  • Unload the fridge upon reaching the destination.
  • Use the dolly to transport it to the desired room or location.

How To Move a Samsung Fridge Freeze

Samsung fridge freezers often have nifty features and widgets. You have to be very careful when attempting to move this fridge. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Unplug your Hotpoint fridge 24 hours before the move.
  • Defrost and clean your refrigerator.
  • Please be careful when cleaning the exterior and interior, especially the console.
  • Spray the floor near the base with oil or another lubricant.
  • Slide the refrigerator and move it onto a dolly or sack truck.
  • Load the fridge carefully into the moving truck or van.
  • Try to keep this fridge upright.
  • If you’re laying it on the side, use insulation material to keep it safe from scratches.
  • Unload the fridge carefully after reaching the destination.
  • Use the dolly to transport it to the desired room or location.

How To Move A Fridge Freezer With Ease

The best way to move a refrigerator with ease is to hire a professional moving team. Heavy appliances like fridges can easily get damaged when you don’t know how to handle them. The hassle of moving it, caring for it, and packing it is something that you are much better off avoiding.

When you hire STORED, we’ll take care of all the heavy lifting. From the safety of your fridge to its aesthetic placement in your new kitchen, STORED will take care of it all. What’s even better is the convenience that STORED offers!

Instead of going through a tedious booking process or arranging complex in-person appointments, enjoy a more convenient approach. How? You can book an online appointment right now from your couch, or call us via 020 3637 1234 to get started. 

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