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Have you ever made an unlikely friendship?

Our residents have developed unlikely friendships over time, breaking down barriers between old and young. Richmond Care Home regularly enjoys visits from the children at Chestnuts Childcare.

Many residents may not have any grandchildren in their life or ones that are able to visit often, and often miss out on the fun when other residents are in the company of their grandchildren. 

Interacting with the elderly is fantastic for the children’s social development. They have often not spent a lot of time interacting with the older generation outside of their home and new experiences like this are a great way for children to practice social skills around adults.

Sometimes it can be hard for our residents to  want to join in and try new things. Having children around can often provide the best encouragement to get our residents up and joining in!

There is no better way for children to learn than talking to adults with important life experience.  What’s more, children love telling and sharing stories, and our residents have hundreds of them to bestow on little ears.

The older generation often shower children with positive reinforcements, not just through their words but also through their actions.

This allows the child to understand the impact of their behaviour and increases the likelihood of them repeating those same successful behaviours. Conversations between the two can promote knowledge sharing opportunities where young ones get accustomed to talking about things outside themselves – making it easier to involve others later in life.


Posted on 25th April 2023

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