Shurgard is one of the biggest and oldest self-storage providers in the UK. STORED is a mature and innovative storage service provider that is making waves in the UK. We compared STORED vs Shurgard to find the best storage provider for everyone.

In our comparison, we dove deep into their prices, perks, availability, and other relevant factors. We left no stone unturned to find the best solution for everyone. Here are some key takeaways from our STORED vs Shurgard comparison:

  • STORED uses a modern storage model where the customer doesn’t have to do anything
  • Shurgard uses a traditional storage model that requires more intervention from the customer
  • STORED is more affordable than Shurgard
  • STORED and Shurgard have a similar variation of storage unit sizes and types
  • Shurgard has more specialised storage units compared to STORED

Quick Comparison of Stored vs Shurgard

STORED Shurgard
Based In London, UK Weybridge, Surrey
Establishment Year 2014 1995
Locations Across UK 200+  150+
Storage Model Modern Storage Service Traditional Self Storage
Storage Unit Sizes 9 sq ft to 400+ sq ft 10 sq ft to 300+ sq ft
Average Price Per 15 Sq ft £81 Per Month £93 Per Month
Return Model To your doorstep Self pickup

Stored vs Shurgard Self Storage Model

The most significant difference between Shurgard and STORED is the storage model. Shurgard is the oldest storage company in the UK, and they have been following the same traditional model since 1995. According to this model, Shurgard provides security and safety for your items with great storage units across the UK.

However, Shurgard isn’t responsible for the transportation, packing, or returns of your items. You rent a storage unit in their facility, pack everything, store it in the warehouse, and retrieve items by yourself. This model is secure, but it isn’t very convenient in modern times because it takes up a lot of your time.

Furthermore, Shurgard storage units have access hours from 7:00 to 20:00. If you want to retrieve an item, you’ll have to drive to your storage unit during this period. STORED keeps all your items within your reach 24/7 through a real-time online inventory dashboard. You can place a retrieval request using this dashboard at any time of the day. 

STORED offers a more modern approach, according to which, they take care of packing, transportation, and returns. Moving experts pick up your items from your home and store them in self-storage facilities located across the UK. When you need something back, we deliver it to your doorstep. 

Which storage model is better?

STORED’s storage solution is much more convenient compared to Shurgard. You get flexibility, security, and a lot of spare time because you don’t have to do any of the lifting yourself. It also reduces your costs because we take care of transportation and maintenance. 

Stored vs Shurgard Storage Prices Comparison

STORED is more affordable compared to Shurgard and most of the other major self-storage providers in London and the UK. STORED charges £81 per month for a standard storage unit size of 15 sq ft. Shurgard charges £93 per month for a unit with the same storage space.

STORED is even more affordable when you consider the extra perks included in their price. For example, Shurgard charges £93 per month, but the transportation, labour, and return costs could increase that figure. STORED includes the cost of transportation, labor, and other minor perks in the standard £81 per month storage price. 

STORED even offers discounts on student storage and other special units to bring down costs for the customers. For example, first time customers get a special 25% discount on their storage unit. You can also get a discount for storing your belongings long-term. 

Which storage unit service is more affordable?

STORED is more affordable than Shurgard because it has a lower per unit sq ft cost. The storage cost of STORED is also more inclusive because it includes the cost of transportation, maintenance, and collection/returns. You can bring down the cost even more by using the various deals and offers on storage units or getting free cardboard moving boxes. 

Stored vs Shurgard Storage Unit Size

STORED and Shurgard offer similar storage unit sizes. The only notable difference is STORED’s student storage units, which start at 9 sq ft compared to Shurgard’s 10 sq ft units. Both STORED and Shurgard offer different types of storage units for various purposes, like business storage for corporate customers. 

Overall, both companies give you flexible unit sizes to meet your storage needs. You won’t have to pay a single dime extra for unnecessary storage space because of their various sized units. You can try the furniture storage to get rid of all the extra second-hand clutter in your house.

The student storage gives you valuable space to store your semester-wide souvenirs while you go on a trip back home, or a bachelor journey through Europe. 

Which storage option offers more space?

There isn’t much of a difference between the storage unit sizes that STORED and Shurgard offer. Self storage at Shurgard is much more categorized compared to STORED, with each unit fulfilling a separate purpose. STORED offers universal storage units that work for almost everything, the main difference is the size of the unit. 

Stored vs Shurgard Value-Added Services

Self-storage at Shurgard offers secure storage that is surveilled 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week. No one can transfer anything from your rental unit without your permission because you have the sole authority to open it. Their storage facilities in London, the UK, and the rest of Europe are well known for security and safety.

Compared to Shurgard, STORED offers a few extra perks like free collections, removals, and returns. You don’t have to visit the facilities by yourself because our experts take care of the storage and return processes for you. You also get climate-controlled units for protection against dust, dampness, and heat damage. 

Other extra services include help with packing, where our experts pack your items safely for you. If you don’t have the right packing materials, we can even provide those at affordable prices. Shurgard also offers moving boxes but does not offer extra packing materials like bubble wrap and tape. 

Which storage option offers more perks?

STORED is a service centred around convenience, naturally, we offer more value-added perks and services. On top of the standard security, you get convenient collections, removals, and returns. Our experts load and unload everything, which saves you a lot of time and energy. Overall, STORED offers much better perks than Shurgard.

Stored vs Shurgard Customer Support Comparison

STORED and Shurgard both offer outstanding customer service, because of their respective experience in the industry. STORED offers 24/7 chat, email, and customer support through calls. Shurgard offers the same, but in limited hours of the day, because of their opening and closing hours (9:00 to 18:00 UK Standard Time).

Overall, both of the storage companies offer spectacular support. Both have guides on their websites that help users understand their storage needs and the trends in the UK storage market. Here’s how you can contact either company:

STORED Shurgard
Email [email protected] [email protected]
Call 020 3637 1234 0800 368 0420

Stored vs Shurgard Booking Process

STORED and Shurgard both allow you to make online bookings through their website. The main difference is the scope and ease of the booking. STORED allows you to rent and place a collection request effortlessly with a simple booking form.

Shurgard does the same but encourages the user to do it via call or an on-site tour. The post-booking process for Shurgard is also tedious because you have to transport everything by yourself. On the bright side, Shurgard does offer free transportation items like dollies to haul your items. 

We’ve discussed the booking process for both storage companies below:

How do you book a STORED storage unit?

STORED has a very simplistic and convenient booking process. With STORED, you can book a storage unit, without getting a quote or any of the intermediate steps. Here’s how the STORED booking process works:

  1. Click on the Book Online button in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  2. Choose a storage unit size using the interactive tool.
  3. Select the storage period, i.e. monthly basis, 3 months, 6 months, or more.
  4. Enter your details, i.e., email, phone, address, area code, etc.
  5. Use the calendar to select a pickup date.
  6. Choose the ideal pickup time on that specific day.
  7. Select the relevant option if you’ll need help packing.
  8. Click on the I’m Ready to Book button.

If you want a quote first, click on Email Quote button. When the booking process is finished, our team will confirm the details via a confirmation email. Don’t worry if the address is wrong, because you can change that easily. 

How do you book a Shurgard storage unit?

Shurgard wants the user to book their unit online, but in a slightly roundabout way. Here’s how Shurgard’s booking process works:

  1. Visit the Shurgard website.
  2. Use the Search Bar on the Home Page.
  3. Enter your location and click on the Magnifying Glass icon and click on Search.
  4. Use the filters to find a suitable storage unit.
  5. Click on the small red in the tile of your ideal storage unit.
  6. Enter your name, email, postcode, and other details.
  7. Click on Rent This Unit Now.
  8. Enter your payment details.

When this is done, you’ll get a confirmation message. Thereafter, you’ll have to pack your items and drive to the relevant storage facility during the open hours, where you’ll get access to your unit. You can then transfer your items into your storage unit. 

You will have to repeat the same process to retrieve your items from your storage unit. Overall, the booking process isn’t that hard, you just have to go through a few extra hoops to get started. 

Stored vs Shurgard Recap: Our Take

STORED and Shurgard are both big players in the UK self storage market. Both offer great security features like 24/7 surveillance and well-maintained units. However, because of Shurgard’s outdated model, it takes a lot more of your time and effort compared to STORED.

You have to pack, transport, store, and retrieve your items by yourself. This is great for small items, but hectic and stressful when you have to store large items like furniture. It also increases your cost because of the extra transportation and maintenance costs.

STORED is much more convenient and hassle-free compared to Shurgard. Our storage facilities remain accessible in every town and village of the UK because our experts come to your doorstep. You also get special discounts which bring down your overall cost and make your storage experience more affordable. 

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